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Since last few years Reddit was the best option for Sports fans to watch their favorite events live stream for free. In much the same way, there was a subreddit for MMA called r/mmastreams.

The basic purpose of r/mmastreams was to share live the streams from different streamers of the mma event being played but Due to some reason It was shut down last year. Since then people are looking doe best alternatices to watch MMA Live stream for free. Here we’ll duscuss about some of the best options which are alternative to Reddit mma streams.

Why Was Reddit MMA Streams Shut Down

Due to some copyright notices by UFC team, Reddit had to take action to remove the mmastreams subreddit or stop them from posting the stream links as it was a loss for the UFC. So due to warning by Reddit the admins of r/mmastreams stopped posting new stream links leaving the fans disappointed. But worry not Here we’ll share some of its alternatives.

Alternatives of r/mmastreams

The good thing is there are alternatives to Reddit MMA Streams but still there is none who could compete r/mmastreams. However you’ll be able to watch your favorite mma matches for free on these sites. Here are the alternatives:

Reddit MMA Streams Alternatives

1. Crackstreams

Crackstreams is a site which streams several sports like UFC,MMA, NBA, NFL and Soccer. But in contrast to Reddit UFC Streams it does not provide a list of streams rather there is a single stream Link for each event. The streams are of high quality and properly managed. There are not much ads on this site as well. So it’s the best alternative to reddit mma streams.

2. Sportsurge

Sportsurge is another site which works in much the same way as was the reddit mma streams. It was created by the admins of reddit NBA streams and it’s a high quality site. Like Reddit it provides a list of streams for each event and streamers are also well established. So If you love to have multiple streams then this site is for you.

3. Buffstream

Buffstream works in the same way as Crackstreams. There is a single high quality stream for each event. Number of ads is also low. You can choose Buffstream to watch mma live stream as well. It is aslo a multi sports stream site covering NBA, NFL and soccer matches a s well.


  1. The single stream Reddit MMA Streams alternatives are Buffstream and crackstream
  2. Multi stream r/mmastreams alternatives are Sportsurge

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